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Architectural Block™️ concrete planters will enhance your exterior landscape. Love at first site!

Our smaller concrete planters may be in stock although larger custom planters and tables are made to order.

An optional fiberglass liner or drip tray can be ordered for commercial applications; or simply drop in and rotate pre-planted plants inside each Architectural Block™️ planter. Portable plants can sometimes be easier to maintain or rotate for seasonal changes. Equipping a fiberglass internal liner or pedestal drip tray will contain dirt and can also be used to control irrigation.

Architectural Block™️ concrete patio tables give a mid-century flair to outdoor living. Handsomely stout and beautiful!

A 1/4″ thick tempered glass top can be ordered with each table although most block patterns will hold cups and drinks quite well without a glass top. Table block pedestals come in 1 & 2 block heights making each table (10″ to 17.5″ high) Custom heights also available.

Our concrete blocks can also be purchased individually. Use our ordering form and we will be happy to send you a formal quote. If you’re thinking of using concrete blocks for constructing walls, please refer to local building & engineering codes.

2 Blocks High

4 Blocks High