Vessel USA® Inc. was founded in 1998 to revive the award-winning Architectural Pottery Collection, a historical Los Angeles company founded in 1950 by Max and Rita Lawrence. Today, Vessel USA® introduces their new and innovative brand, Architectural Block™ for hospitality groups and outdoor lifestyles. Our brands are most appreciated by trade professionals, architects and design aficionados worldwide. 

Vessel USA is the sole licensor of Architectural Pottery® and Architectural Block™

Architectural Blocks
Architectural Blocks

Ordering + Shipping

Architectural Block products are shipped via FedEx (under 50lbs per box) or palletized with our freight carriers to your front door. Heavier items may require 2 or more people to remove the product from the pallet for placement.

3.5″ material color samples can be ordered at $5 each + priority shipping and handling.

Please use the Request for Quote form for color samples or case study designs. A formal quote will be emailed within 24hrs.

Or use our 3D Planter/Table menu for custom-fit personal options.

Planters + Tables + Options

Please review our Gallery photos for case study designs. Architectural Blocks are modular so you can add or subtract for the right size Planter + Table per your specifications.

Outdoor tables can be ordered with a 1/4″ tempered glass surface top although many patterns will easily hold ordinary utensils without falling through block perforations. Non-glass surfaces never have to be cleaned. Blocks will acquire a handsomely aged patina over time.  Simply hose them off with a regular garden hose if needed. Our larger commercial planters can be ordered with or without an interior fiberglass liner or drip tray. Self watering reservoirs, sub-floor irrigation or drain holes can be integrated into each fiberglass liner. Commercial size block planters may require a stainless steel support rail for uneven floor surfaces and also give the planter a floating effect.

Planter Options:

P = block pedestal 2.5" high
L = fiberglass or ABS liner 
C = finish cap 
R = stainless steel channel rail 
B = beveled corners (45 degree cut & bond)
S = 7/16"dia wire stand
F = flat face pattern
RF = recessed face pattern

Table Options:

P1 = 1 tier block pedestal - 10" total table height
P2 = 2 tier block pedestal - 17.5" total table height
G = 1/4" tempered glass top
F = flat face pattern
RF = recessed face pattern

Call or email with any questions you may have!